Founded on December 1989, our company has been dedicated to the Cargo Handling operations, having obtained during this period an excellent average of cargo transported.

During the year 2014, the volume was of 30 millions pounds of inbound and outbound cargo to and from our six stations: Santo Domingo (SDQ), Puerto Plata (POP), Punta Cana (PUJ), La Romana (LRM), Santiago (STI) and Samana (AZS), placing us amongst the top of the most important handlers of the Dominican Republic.

We are the first acreditated ISAGO company in Dominican Republic by IATA.LAMCO in an agreement with the employee, is aware of the importance that has the concept of management security committed to implant and keep a quality, safety and security system based on the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of the client, that secures compliance with standards of operation established by the legislation as well as those issued by the ISAGO system of IATA quality, which defines the following principles of its policy of quality, safety, security and environmental protection.

Utilize all the necessary resources to guarantee that the services offer safety and reliability and comply strictly with all the rules and codes that are applied.Anticipate and offer intelligent solutions to our clients.

Pursue quality assurance at all levels of LAMCO making quality, safety, security and environmental protection basic elements of company culture.Develop some programs of continuous improvement in the process of customer services, keeping in mind the relation between quality and services to satisfy our clients.

The performance of quality and security of all company operations is a responsibility of the General Manager. Apply the principles of human factors, support, motivate, compromise and make responsible all our employees in the meeting of our objectives of quality, safety, security and environmental protection. Manage anomalies detected in the compliance of the normative requirements or the procedures for the corrections and improvements.

Establish a formation of a continuous program that allow us to have a personnel with a high qualified level to perform the activities included in the quality system. Keep a permanent contact with our client, with the objective of working together in the continuous improvements of the services and evaluate the satisfaction level with us. Optimize permanent LAMCO process by one strategy focus in gain and keep leadership in the sector.

Promote one efficient communication in the internal LAMCO organization.Provide the necessary resources to gain the established objective.The security of our employee and providers will be a strategic method inside LAMCO. Comply with the environmental, safety, and security policies that are found in the LAMCO Policies and Procedures Manual.

The employees as a condition of the employer need to be committed with the following principal: “The quality, safety and security are our commitment”

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