Our headquarter is located at Las Americas International Airport Santo Domingo. The rest of our operational offices are located in the five other major airports of the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo (SDQ)

At the moment, we have a warehouse with 7,000 m2 of available space, with independent sections destined to inbound and outbound cargo, bonded warehouse, specific areas for dangerous goods, refrigerated room and live animals, offices of the General Administration of Customs of the Dominican Republic, facilitating the clearance of the goods for our clients.

Samana (AZF)

This is our newest station in D.R and we are the only company that can offer your Airlines a good service, and most importantly, security.

Puerto Plata (POP)

We have our own offices in the cargo area with cool storage and all the necessary facilities for the handling of cargo satisfying all International regulations and requirements of the local authorities.

Punta Cana (PUJ) and La Romana (LRM)

These airports are privately owned and there is only a common warehouse for all airlines, but from our own office, we handle all of our cargo operations. This is done with our highly trained personnel.

Santiago (STI)

El Cibao is the largest area of vegetable production in this country, taking the advantage of closeness, we have an office in the Cibao Int’l Airport. From this office we offer our cargo service to exporters.

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